How to make the Automated Deploy-time SSO Configuration from OIDC SSO v.2.3.0 run?

Has any of you guys succeeded in running the Automated Deploy-time SSO Configuration from OIDC SSO v.2.3.0?   I always end up with:  "Autocommitted objects detected at end of transaction for system session for entities:  - OIDC.CodeChallengeMethodsSet: 1 instances..." while running the "After-startup-microflow" just during the app start.   My Studio Pro is 10.3.1 and I run the tests locally. Surprisingly, setting break-points in that Microflow does not stop the procedure(?), which is another strange thing I've run into.   Any idea? Experience? Many thanks! P.
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Hey Pavel,


I encountered the same issue. As the error message suggests, after executing the after startup microflow, Mendix checks whether there are any objects still in state "autocomitted" and throws an error if this is the case. This is apparently the case for the OIDC.CodeChallengeMethodsSet object if you include the OIDC.Stratup microflow into your after startup microflow, even in version 2.4.0.


I was able to fix this by comitting the OIDC.CodeChallengeMethodsSet object after the OIDC.Stratup microflow. You can access it for example via the OIDC.ClientConfiguration object like here:




I hope this helps!


Hi @Pavel Jordák

We tested with our Mx10.3.0 and OIDCSSO version 2.3.0 its working as expected

Could you share your configuration?



Many thanks, Mallikarjun, for reaching out. I only filled out those 4 mandatory constants first (added the scope later to see any difference); this is my current configuration. Is it what might help you to see my mistake probably?image.png