Encryption Key is EMPTY!

Hello Experts,   I am using encryption module downloaded from the app store and I have constant value added with 32 characters (Encryption key), but it's still showing that the encryption key is empty during the encryption in the application.   I have replaced the constant from other projects still didn't worked!   Kindly let me know what has to be done, Answers are really much appreciated!   NOTE : In local environment it is working and UAT it's not working (Deployed on On-Premise) 
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In a published environment, you will need to set the constants in a different way. First deployment it would take the default. But changes made to the constant in StudioPro are not reflected in the published version. That way you don't overwrite the different (UAT/PRD) settings by mistake.

For Mendix Cloud, you can look here: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/deploy/environments-details/#constants

For on premise it is different. In the attached picture, taken from the documentation, you will see a Constants menu item: https://docs.mendix.com/attachments/developerportal/deploy/on-premises-design/ms-windows/updating-a-mendix-application/1_stop_service.png. There you should be able to set them individually.


Hope this helps

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