OIDC Module - CheckNonceValue: Nonce check failed (security error)

Hi,   I am using OIDC module to implement linkedin sso for my app. I configured everything and i when clicked on Login with Linkedin button it is redirecting to linkedin login page as well.   But after giving linkedin login credentials, i am getting Authentication failed! error as shown below with Logs.   I am new to OIDC SSO and unable to figure out what i am missing. Any help is appreciated.
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Hi Birapally,


The nonce check in the Open ID Connect flow verifies the 'nonce' claim in the JWT (JSON Web Token) to equal the nonce on request. Maybe your identity provider doesn't support this? Which IdP are you using?




Maybe you can put a debugger in this microflow and check what's happening inside the microflows with the breakpoint. That should be the decision which results into a false state.

Good luck!