How to import/export files with TSV format ?

Hi,   I need to import and export reports in 'TSV' file format. Can anyone please help me with this ?    I am using Mendix Studio Pro 10.2.0 (free version)   Thanks
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You should be able to use the CSV module in the Marketplace to do this.


When you call the ImportCSV action in the CSV module, set the separator parameter to be a tab.


Hope this helps. Good luck!


I haven't yet come across any platform-supported modules that support .tsv file formats for export and import, hence I would advise you to

  1. Try converting .tsv to .csv / .xlsx
  2. Use Excel importer to import excel files.
  3. Use Excel Exporter to export to .xls/.xlsx/.csv
  4. refer the documentation associated with above connectors to build your use case.