Registering data in the SAP system

I am trying to add data into the SAP system using a SAP BAPI. Here I have certain tables like 'Header_IN', 'Header_INX' etc. I need to pass certain values to these table parameters to register the data in SAP system.   I am creating the objects of these tables and selecting the attributes as members and entering the related values. Then I am calling a BAPI function and passing the Request parameters. But I am getting an error 'An error occured, please contact your administrator'. I am not sure if I am correctly passing the table parameters.    Can anyone please tell me how to pass these table parameters (which I entered as members while creating objects of tables) into the 'Call BAPI' function? As we are only passing the request parameters in the Call Bapi function I am not sure how the table parameters would be passed.
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