How to fetch Teamcenter Custom Attributes?

Hello, I want to fetch one Custom Attribute fromTeamcenter for example  : 'B5_InspectionReqRevision' (Which is a type of Item Revision) ,That I can show using 'Item Simple..' Search from Mendix.   Now My requirement is to fetch  one more custom Attribute : 'B5_PhysicalpartRevision' which is Related to the before mentioned 'B5_InspectionReqRevision' using a Custom relation named 'B5_HasPart', And I want to show that related object in a different tab of the same page where the Item Revision (Custom or OOTB) Search results are showing.  [I am using Teamcenter Connector Sample Application] Can anyone suggest me the detailed way to do so?
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You need to extend your domain model to match the Teamcenter data model i.e. create properties with the same name and type as the Teamcenter attributes and create associations with the same name as the Teamcenter relations. Then include the extra types in the Business Object mappings and the additional data should come though


To achieve your requirement in Mendix with the Teamcenter Connector Sample Application, you'll need to follow these general steps. Keep in mind that the exact details may vary depending on your specific Mendix and Teamcenter configurations, and you should refer to the documentation for both Mendix and the Teamcenter Connector for the most accurate information.

Here is a high-level overview of the steps you can take:

Configure Teamcenter Connector in Mendix:Ensure that you have successfully configured the Teamcenter Connector in your Mendix application. Follow the documentation or guidelines provided by the Teamcenter Connector to set up the necessary configurations.

Create Entities in Mendix:Create entities in Mendix to represent the data you want to fetch from Teamcenter. This includes entities for 'B5_InspectionReqRevision' and 'B5_PhysicalpartRevision'. Define attributes for each entity based on the custom attributes you want to fetch.

Create Microflows:Create microflows to fetch data from Teamcenter for the entities you've created. Use the Teamcenter Connector's microflow actions to retrieve the necessary information.

Set Up Pages:Create pages in Mendix to display the search results for 'B5_InspectionReqRevision'. You can use the 'Item Simple...' search as mentioned in your question.

Add a Tab for Related Object:On the same page where you display the search results, add a new tab or container for displaying the related object ('B5_PhysicalpartRevision').

Configure Data Source for Related Object:Configure the data source for the new tab to fetch data from the microflow that retrieves information about 'B5_PhysicalpartRevision'. Use the 'B5_HasPart' relation to filter the data.

Display Related Object Data:Add widgets to the new tab to display the relevant attributes of 'B5_PhysicalpartRevision'. Configure the widgets to bind to the attributes retrieved from the microflow.

Test the Application:Test your application to ensure that the search results for 'B5_InspectionReqRevision' are displayed correctly on one tab, and the related object ('B5_PhysicalpartRevision') is displayed on another tab.

Handle Navigation and Refresh:Implement navigation logic to handle interactions between the search results and related object tabs. Ensure that refreshing the page or navigating between tabs updates the data accordingly.