Order of network calls from Mendix

Hi Team, I have a question related to the order in which the network calls are happening from Mendix UI. I know that each of the dataviews or datasources will make a network call to get the data from the backend. PFB a sample screenshot in which I have got from one of my application. But how the order of this calls are decided. I wanted my 5th call to happen first then the rest. As of now, 5th one is stalled for some time and it is not what we intented. Is there any way to control this behaviour?
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Hey Nidhin,


Let me set some context for answers before we deep dive into the solutions -

1. Site to understand xas

2. What is stalling in chrome ?


I hope you visited this articles since my answer will be using them for context. As xas is a Mendix api called by Mx client to communicate with Runtime, the order of call I suppose entire depends on the page design (mainly order of data source containers come into the picture).


To control this behaviour, you need to inspect each xas and check "action" field under payload and the check "request" and response for each xas requests, you can automatically able to adjust this.


Now coming to stalling, as per stack overflow article there can be various reasons which can cause this, so after re-structuring your page design, see if stalling problem still persists. If yes, check for queueing timings as well. 


Hope this helps.



Naman Khard