To use external string into Mendix, how can I encode the string?

Hello, I am newbie to struct mendix frontend system. I made external python server to generate specific string data for json import mapping by REST API. String language is Korean. And from python server, the data looks normal in my log. But as I check in error handler with trace log, the data is converted with unicode in mendix. So I cannot use the data for my import mapping. below is my example. As I see, I need to add some more codes in my python to make mendix receive normal data. Could you anyone advise about this situation? <From python server> .... <To mendix> {\"\ud611\ub825\uc0ac\":......
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This situation caused because of VScode Flask environment setting.

I needed to add below codes after

app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['JSON_AS_ASCII'] = False