How to implement a client certificate to access their service.

Hi Fellas,   I am trying to utilize a SMS service which is running smoothly on my local machine without asking for certificates or anything. But when I am trying to run the same service using Mendix I am getting null response in $latestHttpResponse variable.    I asked for client side certificate they have provided me a .pfx file certificate to implement. I converted that to .pfx file and imported the same in Mendix -> App -> Settings -> certificate section. But still I am not able to access the service from Mendix.    Also when I enables the 'client certificate' section on 'call REST service' Action it asks me to provide 'client certificate identifier' I don't any have idea from where I can get that ? Need your help to resolve this issue guys . Please help me.   *  I have tried attaching certificate in configuration->custom but now its not allowing me to run my application.   Kindly Note : I have implemented other services as well from different clients which is working fine so I have little idea about how to implement a service.
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Maybe this section in the documentation will help you in setting the correct certificate: