Hello Experts,   I wanted to integrate advance audit trail module, I have downloaded the below modules and added before commit and after delete event handler microflows.   Downloaded Modules :  1. Advanced Audit Trail UI  2. Advanced Audit Trail Core   In addition to the above module also downloaded other dependency module as well. Specifically the audit data's are maintained in the seperate Mendix cloud. Basically, What I understood is to push the data from Mendix to the external Audit using Kafka and whenever needed to read via Kibana I can get those data. (Mentioned in the Mendix Documentation).   But my question is do we need to integrate Kafka and Kibana in our Mendix Application or how it will be, since there are no detailed docs available to take this forward, kindly I need those info to produce further. All I want is to integrate the advance audit trail module which should work as expected and if there are any relevant docs please share.    Answers are really much appreciated!
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