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Hello, I have started using Mendix since 1 and a half month , I have created a simple Training Management System application. Until now I have implemented basic features in it, and there are some questions that I have which I urgently need answers for since there is a presentation coming up. 1) As of my understanding, the HyperSQL is the Default DB provided by Mendix right? 2) Which DB does Mendix use as a Local Storage? 3) Where does the Mendix store its offline Data? For web apps as well as Mobile Apps. 4)How does Mendix support Device Communication -BLE,NFC? 5)Components Customizability? 6)How efficiently does Mendix supports B2C? 7)How is cloud Support in Mendix? some detailed explanation would help. Where does it deploy when I run the application. 8)How does Mendix support App store and Play store? What is the process for it. Any answers would be deeply appreciated . Thanks in Advance.
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1. Yes is HSQLDB which is a flatfile database

3. device local storage refer :

4. BLE: using connectors :

    NFC: using javascript actions can built custom widgets :

6.don't understand what you mean here.

7.Mendix allows the apps that you build to be deployed in any Cloud. This can be in the Mendix Public Cloud, Mendix Dedicated Cloud, Mendix Private CloudSAP Business Technology Platform, or in other on-premises and Cloud architectures. look here for more from 9:

8. Mendix helps in build the packages but you need to publish them in respective store  looks here:


Regarding 1), HyperSQL (hsqldb) is the default database only for local development. In the Mendix cloud default is PostgreSQL (AWS RDS).

Regarding 2), local file storage is just the filesystem on your pc during development, in the Mendix cloud files are stored on S3.