Mendix Free App Blocking Public External GET API Calls

We have been using OIDC Module for SSO Connectivity and using the Well known configuration URL to load all the OIDC Integration Endpoints for self configuration. But from yesterday after Indian Time 18-03-2024, the SSO Stopped working and we noticed that we are unable to make any GET or POST calls to any of the external API Endpoints anymore in the free App.    For self configuration, we give the Well Known config URL and click Import button as in the screenshot and it loads all the Endpoints. Behind the scenes, it is simply making a GET API call on this URL. This is no longer working and we are getting 504 gateway Timeout.   So we tried simply calling another Public GET API Endpoint and there also we are getting 504 gateway Timeout. Has the Mendix Public Cloud started blocking external API Calls recently?
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I've seen the same thing with an app of mine. Not related to OIDC, but it is unable to make any external calls any more. Often these sort of problems clear after a while, so I've been waiting, but maybe some extra firewall has been put in place