Integrate Mendix application as a menu inside another web application

Hi guys, My customer has an existing web application is running (not Mendix). Now they want to develope new module for that application using Mendix and integrate the Mendix app as a menu inside their existing web application. Is there any suggest for this requirement? Thanks,
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First step is using the page-property "url" in MendixStudioPro. This enables their app to use that url and add it to their menu;

Second is making sure they both use the company's standard styling and

Third is for authentication: use SSO if they have it available in their company.


Hi Tim,

I wanted to share an idea I've been considering for our application's user authentication process, and I'd appreciate your feedback on it.

The concept I'm exploring involves leveraging deep links to seamlessly pass user information to a microflow within our Mendix application. Here's a breakdown of how it would work:

  1. Deep Link Generation: In our traditional application, when a user clicks on the menu, we would generate a Mendix deep link containing their username and a token (such as a session ID or another dynamically generated identifier) as parameters.

  2. Deep Link Handling: Within our Mendix application, we would set up a mechanism to handle these deep links. This could involve creating a microflow or a custom page capable of parsing the parameters passed through the deep link.

  3. User Authentication: Upon receiving the deep link, our Mendix application would initiate an API call to our traditional application to verity the user authentication state via the parameters provided. The result of API call would be user authentication state or user credentials.

  4. User Login: If the authentication is successful, our Mendix application would log in the user using the retrieved credentials. This may involve setting session variables or utilizing Mendix's built-in authentication mechanisms.

  5. Redirect to Relevant Page: After logging in the user, we would redirect them to the appropriate page based on the URL they clicked on in the traditional application's menu.


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