whatsapp and webhook

Hello, I need to create an app that will use the whatsapp API.  To do that I need to use a webhook to retrieve messages (according to the whatsapp api documentation), how to do it using mendix?    I am able to create a published web service but maybe this is something different?  It seems that I need a token (generated by myself during the endpoint configuration according to the documentation)    Any insight? Thanks!
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I've done a similar thing with a few other services and they all tend to follow the same pattern

You need to publish a REST API as your callback and send this URL as one of the parameters when calling the WhatsApp API to request a webhook subscription. It usually calls straight back to check the URL is valid and requires you to echo a temporary secret as validation. Assuming this is OK you will then receive calls whenever there is an event

The initial call to set up the webhook, will require authentication, so you need to go through the OAuth process to get a token