How to split the output response from REST API and display in my app ?

Hi All ,   I am getting the response output from a REST API  and displaying in a single large text box in my app . I would like to split the response based on Conditions like UserStory1 in 1st text box , UserStory2 in 2nd text box and so on . Please let me know how I can do that . The below is the response I am getting and being displayed in large single text box.   "Based on the description provided, here are user stories with clear acceptance criteria for each part of the VBA code:\n\n### User Story 1: VBA Module Naming\n**As a** VBA developer,  \n**I want** to have a module with a specific name,  \n**So that** I can organize my code and refer to it easily.\n\n#### Acceptance Criteria:\n- When a new VBA module is created, it must be automatically assigned the name \"Module1\".\n- The name \"Module1\" should appear at the top of the module code as an attribute.\n\n### User Story 2: BMI Calculation Function\n**As a** user of the VBA application,  \n**I want** to calculate the BMI given weight and height,  \n**So that** I can assess my health status.\n\n#### Acceptance Criteria:\n- The BMI function must accept two arguments: weight (in kilograms) and height (in centimeters).\n- The function must return the BMI as a `Double` with two decimal places.\n- The BMI calculation must be accurate, following the formula BMI = weight / (height/100)^2.\n\n### User Story 3: BMI Classification Function\n**As a** user of the VBA application,  \n**I want** to receive a classification for my BMI value,  \n**So that** I can understand what my BMI indicates about my health.\n\n#### Acceptance Criteria:\n- "
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Hi Divya,


As per my understanding you have retrieved some text and want to split them and bind into the input text boxes according to their names right.


If I'm wrong, correct me.


For this I think I can help you.


Follow the steps

1. Create an entity with attributes of Names of your Binding text i.e., in your case may be UserStory1, UserStory2 and UserStory3.


2. Then, create a NewEdit Page for that with dataview of that entity.


3. Then using String function calls like Substring or may be Find functions you can split them up based on your choice.


4. Then using Create Object or Change Object assign them.


5. Then show the NewEdit Page by passing the same object.


Hope it helps Divya.


You will need to use string functions to split the response.  Once you do that, you can put portions of the response into an entity and display that on a page.  String funtion documentation can be found here: