How to access published rest services link in other systems ?

I have created Published rest services I got the URL which can redirect to swagger When I am trying to open the same link in another system or device why its not working ?  
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How about your security settings?

If no authentication is required, you will be able to enter the URL (in your case http://localhost:8080/rest/myservice/v1/GetOrderById/1234 where 1234 is an order number) in a browser. If authentication is turned on, you need to send credentials with it as well.


Update: from your screenshot, I assume your App security is turned off, so you should be able to use the URL in a browser


Of course using localhost will only work on your own device. If you want to connect from another device, you may need to replace localhost with your ip address. Or you could try publishing your app and work with https://<cloudurl>/rest/myservice/v1/GetOrderById/1234


Hi Naveen Lotti,


Go through the following Forum question to get an clear idea about accessing Published API.


Accesing Published API