How to use POST Method in Call Rest service activity ?

I am trying to use post method in call rest service activity I tried some ways but it did not work . This is my domain model i have created published rest services for this domain model which supports POST,PATCH and GET methodes After published rest services I am able to use post method and i can create new objects from swagger     Here I can POST new order and its associated order items but the same POST operation i want to do it from microflow using call rest service activity. So i created microflow shown above     Here I am not able to Post new order object and its associated objects  using POST method in Call rest service . So whats wrong in this ? Please answer me 
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Hi Naveen,


you'll have to add the "/order" as well to the location URL. 


The REST URL you are using in the Location of the Call REST Service is the Swagger URL! (notice the /rest-doc)

You can get the URL endoint in Operations for Resource section in the Consumed REST Service where you are creating the REST API in mendix.


Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 3.29.37 PM.jpg