How to avoid a refresh (back to home) of application X when coming from application Y (using SAML and deeplinks)?

Hello,   We have multiple Mendix applications in a microservice landscape. Our end-users often have tabs open of more than 1 application to efficiently do their job. People can switch back and forward through these applications by using deeplinks to the other app. The SAML module (Azure) ensures they do not have to log in every time they switch.   The problem we are facing now is that if people work in multiple tabs (for example 1 tab for app X and 1 tab for app Y) and deep link back to another app (for example from X to Y), all other tabs of the app they're switching to are refreshed. This causes the other tabs to go to the home page.   Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks! Kind regards, Tim   EDIT: the useAsHome boolean from deeplink module does not work. It causes other tabs to refresh into the latest deeplink page. This was mentioned in     
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