The server sent HTTP status code 302: OK

Hi Team,   We are seeing below webservice exception for one of the webservice request from one mendix application to another new mendix application. The same request is working fine for another mendix application but not for new application. Note : This error is only happening for very few requests. For other requests it is working fine. 2024-04-13 09:27:31.366 TRACE - WebServices: com.mendix.integration.WebserviceException: The server sent HTTP status code 302: OK   Thanks and Regards, Spandana.  
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Dear Spandana Paspunuri,


The above HTTP 302 is not an error but a redirection. It's saying that the resource you are trying to access is moved to different location. This is the common reason.


Another reason is when you try to access https resource using http, in this case changes http to https will solve it.


In order to know the exact reason, I need the SS of response from server.



Abishek Kumar