SEO Issue page with redirect

We are hoping for assistance regarding SEO and indexing individual pages of our applications on Google search.   One of our applications has a CMS like section that should be searchable through Google and other search engines. To make them crawlable by Google we have taken the following steps: Implemented SEO_Sitemaps Module: We imported the SEO_Sitemaps module and made necessary modifications to the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. Google successfully indexed all pages listed on the sitemap. On-Page JavaScript for Dynamic Content: Utilizing JavaScript, we've implemented functionality to dynamically change titles, descriptions, and meta tags. Manual crawls by Google reflect these updates accurately.   Initially, we were thrilled to see approximately five pages correctly indexed by Google, displaying the correct links, titles, and descriptions, after manually inspecting the url and requesting indexation. However, our excitement was short-lived as Google later deemed all pages as duplicates, reverting back to indexing only the homepage (index.html). So individual URL inspections work, when the crawler comes by, it fails.   Despite our best efforts, including experimenting with various strategies such as delaying crawling until JavaScript changes are applied, adjusting the robots.txt file to exclude index.html, we haven't been able to convince Google to recognize each page as unique. At this moment, thanks to Mx 10, we even tried to redirect the bots to a plain content pages as to create a greater difference between pages (not sharing menus, footers etc.). While we see that the google bot is indeed redirected, the result in Google search Console is unchanged.    We understand that the content of all pages in Mendix is always loaded into the index.html, therefore they are not wrong in their assessment.   However, we noticed that the Mendix community you are on right now, which is also built using Mendix, successfully appears in Google search results. Who knows how the Mendix community/forum is structured and what steps we can take to replicate its success for our application.   Every thought that could steer us towards a solution is appreciated!
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