OpenAI showcase app error code 429: Too Many Requests

Hi all,   I am getting an error when testing the configuring the OpenAI showcase app. Using Studio Pro 10.9 . Log message if the error below:  
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This means OpenAI responds to your REST call with "429 Too Many Requests" HTTP Response and does not execute your request.

Probably you hit some rate limit on the API Key used.

The applicable rate limit depends on the model used and the license you have:


Hi Elias,


From the support website of OpenAI:

Rate limit errors ('Too Many Requests', ‘Rate limit reached’) are caused by hitting your organization's rate limit, which is the maximum number of requests and tokens that can be submitted per minute.


We recommend handling these errors using exponential backoff. Exponential backoff means performing a short sleep when a rate limit error is hit, then retrying the unsuccessful request. If the request is still unsuccessful, the sleep length is increased and the process is repeated. This continues until the request is successful or until a maximum number of retries is reached.


Because you use the demo app, I suspect you use the free tier of RPM which is only three requests per minute.