How to consume Rest method to Post the data to another system

I want consume Rest method to Post the data to another system, how can I achieve this and hold the response. Below are the format in which I want to post the data. {   req_res{        req{{         "abc":"xyz"      }    } }
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Ideally i am assuming you started with the JSON_Structure in the below way.

{ "req_res": { "req": { "abc":"xyz" } } }


From this you may have made the Export_Mapping right? If not please double check it. 


Also does your REST Call works and it doesnt give you response or does it not work at all?


Hi Sudhanshu,

You can use a microflow, in the microflow, you can use a REST service activity, 

There you can see the location, method, authentication and Request/Response body tabs.

And for the Body of the Post call. you can use export mapping and JSON as the base for export mapping.

For proper information,

I suggest you go through this documentation:

Consume a rest service


Let me know, if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!


Kindly refer the below screen shot for the reference.