Microsoft Teams Integration, Need some help with recurrence part.

Hello members of the community, I am seeking insights from individuals who have experience with Teams integration for facilitating meeting creation through Mendix systems using Microsoft Graph. While I have successfully integrated the systems and can schedule meetings, I am now exploring the possibility of setting meeting recurrence. I would greatly appreciate guidance on the most effective approach for accomplishing this task. Thank you in advance for your expertise and assistance.  
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Hi Sagi, 

Check the example 3 of the below documentation to create recurring event using graph API




As you said you are using the GRAPH APis directly to do the integration right?


So why not use the same to do a recurring meeting?




"recurrence": { "pattern": { "type": "weekly", "interval": 1, "daysOfWeek": [ "Monday" ] }, "range": { "type": "endDate", "startDate": "2022-01-12", "endDate": "2022-03-31" } },


Not sure if you needed this or something else.