Getting 404 Not Found while retrieving an online meeting by meeting ID

Hello Experts,   I want to retrieve meeting information via meeting ID . The meeting ID is provided in the response object when creating an onlineMeeting. I have passed this meeting id as following format : "GET". But getting response as "404 Not Found". Please assist me in resolving this issue   Thank you.
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Hey Akshitha!


The error 404 occurs when the resource is not found, but usually it gets fixed by checking the syntax of the request you are sending

Here are the possible reasons listed.


However to test, you can set the log level from the console tab of the REST consume to trace.

What this will do is give you a list of all requests and responses that were made for this call.

That will in turn help you debug your issue.

You can use the console request information and test the same in postman.


Hope this helps!