What is the Open AI configuration? How do I obtain one to test out the Open AI showcase app?

I'm trying to test open AI for chatgpt purpose, the ChatCompletions_Chat Module in the Open AI Showcase App. Before taking input, a drop down value of OPEN AI CONFIGURATION must be set.   It asks to  select for a configuration in the dropdown, but it is empty. What does it mean? How do I set this ?   Also in the documentation for OpenAI it is mentioned enter credentials...What does that mean?
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Hey Priya,

To use the a module/app related with the Open AI is necessary to have an account.

You can signup here: https://platform.openai.com/


Regarding the configuration, those are the required inputs:


You can check this doc here: OpenAi Configuration


I hope this help,

Ricardo Pereira


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Hi Priya,


in addition to Ricardo's comment, you need configure your access to OpenAI in the app (see screenshot)config.png


This is a one-time configuration that needs to be done when using the showcase app.