Unable to retrieve objectlist from oData

I am having trouble in retrieving a list with oData. I want to retrieve 2 object lists from a certain location only when I add more constains to the Xpath other than the location I get an error. Now I am using 2 filters to get the correct list however, this makes opening the page very slow.    The attribuuts and associations seem all in order in both apps. We retrieve the same object using the same attribuut/association in different combinations in other places of the app.    I already tried updating the metadata or deleting the attribuut and adding them again.    Does somebody have an idea why I am not able to retrieve the lists?   Xpath now      Desired Xpaths 
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This is highly likely some security error where the odata user that is being used doesnt have permission to read on some part of the xpath in the sending application. But the best thing you can do is what the error says. Put the log level of the OData_Consume lognode to trace and then an actual explaination will show up in the logs which will tell you much more.