Connect to mendix database from external system

Hi All,  I just want to know that is there any way to connect mendix database through external systems? Say we are using builtin database. And want to access mendix database using python script with some sql query to get the data and with username and password. Is that is possible?  Thanks in advance
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Hi Thmanampudi,

This configuration shown in the image is only used for you to connect to an external database locally. To consume the Mendix database through Python, you can create a service that allows this same consumption. You can create an oData service, a rest API or a webservice.



oData -

Rest API -


You can have access to multiple tutorials in this YT Channel:


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Hello Thmanampudi Lokesh Parameswara Reddy,


I would advice if you want to do something like this to use hte OData publish tool, this is within the tooling of Mendix and gives you a good overview and a good interface to decide what you want to share and what not.


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You can run sql queries on the app database using the java api. See: