Is it possible to connect a monitoring tool like Dynatrace to an app running in the Mendix cloud?

Is it possible to run a performance management tool, specifically Dynatrace, with an application running on the Mendix cloud?  I see that there are how-to guides on using New Relic for on premise: and Appdynamics for on-prem and Cloud Foundry: So I assume it would be simple for an on-premise deployment.  But is it possible to connect a tool to an application running in the Mendix Cloud?  We are looking for more advanced real-time monitoring that is available in the 'Monitor' tab of the cloud deployment, and Dynatrace is the familiar technology of choice here. Perhaps this is not possible, but if that is so, why is that the case?
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No, it's not possible in the standard Mendix cloud. I've had this discussion two weeks ago with a representative of Mendix for a customer who would like to have Stackify. The response was that their cloud infrastructure did not support it at this time, that it's not currently in development, that adding such monitoring options would require investigation of these tools to determine possible security impacts and that it would take development time.

You could check out the application performance monitor tooling (a paid service) to see if that fits your needs.