Replacing an entity in a dataview

Hi, I have a dataview that contain input control for the entity associated to it. Under the dataview, I have a datagrid that represente what I input in the dataview. The entity of the dataview is created inside a microflow.  For the first save action, it goes according to the plan. The saved entity appears in the datagrid after the save action. But, what I want is to be able to reuse the dataview input to add more entity in the datagrid whitout reloading the page.   Is there a way to do that ?   Thank you.    
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Hi Daniel, I am making some assumptions about what you want to accomplish here so if I am wrong please let me know.

I assume what you want is a data view that contains all the fields for Entity A.  Let's assume Entity A has the fields First Name, Last Name, and age.  You have a data grid on the same page that contains a list of Entity A objects. When you hit 'Save' on that data view, you want a the information you entered in the data view to show up as a new row in the data grid.  You also want to be able to immediately enter new information into the data view, hit save, and create another record in that data grid.  Are my assumptions correct?  If so try the following:

Replace the save button on the data view with a microflow.  In this microflow, have your Entity A as an input parameter.  Create a new instance of Entity A, copy all the values from the input Entity A to the new object, and commit the created object.  I would also reset all the input values for Entity A back to blank and refresh the object so that users can easily start entering the new data without re-loading the page.  This will allow you to repeatedly enter new information into your data view and create lots of records to fill the data grid.