JSON deserializer returns datatype is not a long exception at datetime input

The JsonDeserializer is capable of taking in a datetime format. However, if you put a datetime into the JSON message, you get an exception. I've drilled down the JAVA code (despite the fact that I am not a JAVA developer...) and found that the deserializer is expecting a long value to convert into date:  return new Date(object.getLong(attr));         This is really counter-intuitive to me because in the non-persistent message structure (domain model)  we created an object with an attribute of DateTime. I've changed the JSON deserializer to convert a string with a designed format into date.         case DateTime:              if (object.isNull(attr))                 return null;             SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS");             Date returndate = formatter.parse(object.getString(attr));             return returndate; If anyone has a better solution, please give a response.  
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Aside from your own solution, I believe the CommunityCommons provides several Java actions to convert a DateTime to Long and the other way around. 

Would that suffice when wanting to use the deserializer "as-is"?