Importing a consumed webservices - resolves in a Mendix Crash 6.5.1 & 6.9.1

I've created a published webservice in a Mx application. This published webservice have to be imported in another application. But when i export this published webservice and import this in another Mendix Model that model crashes without any reason.  Steps i've taken: 1. Try importing via an URL and a exported WSDL file 2. Try importing in a different model (6.5.0 and 6.9.1) 3. Restarting my machine  4. Reinstall the Mendix version 6.5.0 Nothing works so far - luckaly sometimes (5% of the attempts) i'm able to open the webservice. Did anyone had the same kind of problem and perhaps also a solution?  Further details: Windows 10 Pro 64bit. The only thing that did work is commiting the model... go to my old machine do the import of the webservice there. So my conclusion is that there is a problem on my local machine.   
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I've figured it out. When i start the model without display link (extend my laptop to mulitple screens) my model doesn't crash. When i plug in the USB cable for the display link - Mendix crashes.