Configuration IMAP/POP3 incoming email module Mendix Cloud

To retrieve e-mails in a cloud deployed app, the IMAP/POP3 incoming email is installed. I can't find information on how to configure this.  For sending e-mails, this page describes how to configure the usage of the Mendix Mail Server. There is also a recommandation to not get over the 1000 e-mails a day when using the Mendix Mail Server. How can I configure the IMAP/POP3 incoming email module to use the Mendix Mail Server? Is there also a max on the number of incoming e-mails? What is the format of the adres I can send the e-mail to when using the Mendix Mail Server? (for example string@cloudurl?)      
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Mendix only supports sending email through SMTP, it doesn't support receiving emails. You should create an inbox through a mail provider (e.g. gmail, or your customer) and configure that as the mailbox this module connects to.