Export mapping of DateTime attribute missing time zone

I have a consumed web service which has DateTime attributes. I create a request structure and through an export mapping, I create the SOAP request. I also log these SOAP requests to a file document using the same export mapping. In the logged SOAP request, the localized DateTime attributes seem to be converted to UTC time, e.g. <CreationTimeStamp>2016-11-09T11:39:52.237Z</CreationTimeStamp>. The LoggedDateTime attribute of this file document shows 09-11-2016 12:39 (GMT +1) in the UI. How do I export the localized DateTime to XML while keeping the time zone information intact? Further information: the input DateTime is localized (the token '[%CurrentDateTime%]' is used), the DateTime attribute of the object in the request structure is set to Localize yes and in the run time settings of the server, the default time zone of the server is Europe/Amsterdam. This web service call and logging action are being executed by the ProcessQueue module.
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Currently, it is always set to UTC.

The localize value and default time zone of the server is only relevant if you want to visualize them e.g. show them on your webpage. However, for data transfering (via webservice), you dont want the datetime value to be converted from one server to another server because this can result in inconsistency. Also, not all databases column support timezone information. In this situation we always assume it is in UTC.