SAML and Google

Up untill now I have done multiple SAML setups but all with ADFS SAML servers. Now we have a client that uses Google Work and we need to create the SSO with Google. From a first glance this should be possible But the metadata I received seemed far from complete. Anybody ever tried SSO with Google with the SAML module. Or is the SAML module the wrong option on the Mendix site and should the OAuth module be used for Google work account users? Regards, Ronald  
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I have used Google with the SAML module succesfully.  I created an SSO app in the Google Admin console pointing to a Mendix app.  Once the Google SSO App parameters were complete, I donwloaded a file from Google with the info and uploaded it into the Mendix App via the SSO admin pages.  Not sure if this has been corrected in newer releases of the SAML module, but I discovered that you have to use the Name attribute in Mendix as the UserID identifier.  I tried using Email attribute and it didn't work.  When I put email addresses in the Name attribute and then used that for SSO, it worked.  

If it helps, here is a screen shot of the Google SSO app parameters page:

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