REST only grabs Time

I am using the REST module to get data from a lora node. KPN sends the following JSON string: {'DevEUI_uplink':{'Time':'2016-11-24T09:46:54.409+01:00','DevEUI':'0059AC00001503DA','payload_hex':'0200090c0779330000f6000000000000'}} I was able to retrieve data from a post with non persistable entity and correct attributes no problem there.  When testing:  {'Time':'2016-11-24T09:46:54.409+01:00','DevEUI':'0059AC00001503DA','payload_hex':'0200090c0779330000f6000000000000'} it works fine. However when it receives the JSON with DevEUI_uplink it only grabs the Time. It must have to do with the fact that it sees the jason as a collection... Can anybody guide me in the right direction ? Please be a little bit specific because I often get a response, just create an instance of an obejct which leaves me clueless -;) Thanx in advance.  
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I could not reproduce the case where the time is captured only, but to get the data completely from the json response I create a small testcase. In a MF I created a string with the json containing the DevEUI_uplink. Then I created a TopLevel entity object and deserialized the json. This will result in all data from the json being captured in the DataEntity object. The domain model for the test case looks like:

And the MF for the testcase:

Hope this helps you in getting the data you need from the json response.