Deeplink to specific record

I'm currently exploring the deeplinks module and wondered how I would go about creating a link to a specific record?   When a form is saved it triggers an eamil to another user who needs to log in and view the results. I would like to include a link in th email that takes them straight to the page and record they need to review but cant find any resources or guidance online to assist with this.   Any help will be appriciated! 
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Create a unique identifier attribute on that record that serves as the value placed in the link.

I think it then reads:

The deeplink knows which process to run and which record you are looking for.


I'm doing something similar with a reset password process. When a customer wants to reset their password I send them an email with a link; the link has a GUID on the end (i.e. http://localhost:8080/link/forgotpassword?123456789)

(I know that's not a valid GUID but you get the idea :)

I have a microflow called DL_ResetUserPassword that takes a string input parameter called GUID and there's some logic in there to perform the password reset in the database based on whatever GUID has been passed in. I think the Deeplink module handles multiple parameters by default so you could send in a query string with x parameters and you would just have to create x input parameters in your microflow.

I guess in your example you would take the GUID, retrieve the correct record and then load the page with a data view for that record, passing the retrieved record to it as an object.

Does that help? Let me know if you need any more info.