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Hi Erwin  I have a few questions concerning your Oauth module Where do I have to connect MF NI_GetOrCreateOAuthConfig in my navigation? How do I synchronize ModelReflectionModule and make sure that the data for th OAuthModule is created? How does your OAuth Config menu look did you develop it yourself? I can not get into my https:// (yourapp)/admin.html because I get 404 failure, might the sandbox be the problem? I 'm stuck please help, better documentation would be helpfull! Greeting Ferry
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1) The microflow needs a place in your navigation, create a nav item and in stead of a page attach the microflow

2) The model reflection module has a synchronize button that will take care of the data creation, just select the modules you want to sync and press the synchronize button

3) The config menu extists of 1 item see answer under 1

4) Does your theme folder have the admin.html form available, if not this would lead to a 404 error

Hope this helps you in implementing OAuth for your project.


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TY very much!

4) no it doesn't, how do I get it?


Hi Ferry,

You can find the admin.html page via the github link.

1. go to: https://github.com/Erwin-t-Hoen/Open-Authentication-Module/releases

2. Download the file: Source code (zip)