Custom request mapping for SOAP call, how is this supposed to work?

I am using a custom request mapping when calling a SOAP webservice. Results are not as expected. When I insert <![CDATA[<]]> into one of the parameters, the resulting XML will contain: &lt; instead of what I inserted. So it seems like Mendix parses my resulting request, and rebuilds the XML using its own way of escaping. Is this indeed what happens? Am I right that is is simply a bug, as the whole point of using a custom mapping is to be in full control of the resulting XML?
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Hey Nikel, Mendix does indeed check and rebuild your XML to make sure that the XML is correct. I have sometimes the same experience that it is pretty enjoying. The CDATA tag is only added when the content of the XML element has special characters. So you place already the  CDATA tag and Mendix is interpreting that it is part of your content.

Finally the behavior of Mendix isn't different in custom XML instead of XML mapping. As far as I know you don't have any possibilities to force Mendix to use CDATA tags.