SFTP Module

Hi,   I'm implementing the (S)FTP module and was wondering if anyone knows the file formats for the "known_hosts file" and the "private.key". I'm able to sftp to the server with filezilla and found the host key value on my computers registry but I'm not too sure if there are certain naming conventions or file formats for this file as well as where to find the private key. Any information will help!   Thanks, Austin
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With some trial and error this morning I found out the known host file needs to be called "known_hosts" with no file extension and needs to contain the hex value of the key, and the private key needs to be called "private.key" and is a KEY file type. 


To find the known hosts value, I opened up regedit navigated to HKCUR\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\SshHostKeys and copied the value.

To find the private key, in the server I found it in /etc/ssh. There was a couple of different keys to choose from and I ended up using the RSA key.