Is an import mapping when calling webservices required from Mendix version 6.10.1 and onwards?

Hello, When calling a webservice in Mendix I often find myself in situations where I don't want to do anything with the response the webservice gives me. In Mx version 6.9 I could just have no import mapping defined and Mendix would be ok with that. However in Mendix version 6.10.# it seems an import mapping is required. As seen in the screenshot below. My question is: Is there a way to get around this requirement? I would rather not make a dummy import mapping that won't be used. Thanks in advance. Chris
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Hi Chris, 

I think this is a bug, because there is no way to select the 'none' option. In earlier versions this was possible and there was absolutely no need to do something with the response. You should be able to ignore the response. It seems also this is working properly in Mendix 7.