Integrate Tableau dashboard through IFrame

Hello, I'm trying to integrate a Tableau dashboard (html and JavaScript Code or URL) but I can't find any way to do so. I've tried both IFrame and HtmlSnippet widgets but they both have constraints : HtmlSnippet let you use Html OR JavaScript code thus not recognizing my mixed code AND I couldnt find enough documentation about how IFrame works. Thanks for you help, Mehdi
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I just did this in a small test project.  Here's what I did:

- found a public tableau dashboard (I used this one:

- At the bottom of the dashboard, clicked the share icon

- copied the URL from the share pane in tableau

- created an attribute on an entity in Mendix to hold the URL, made the above URL the default value for this attribute

- added the iFrame widget to my app

- put the iFrame widget on a page in Mendix within a dataview pointed to my entity

- configured the iFrame widget to point to my new attribute

When I started up my app, the dashboard above was embedded on the page.

Hope that helps,



If you can access the dashboard via URL, then the IFrame widget could work for you. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Create a non-persitable entity in your domain model with a single String attribute called "URL"
  2. Create a microflow that creates and returns one of these objects. In the microflow, set the "URL" attribute to the dashboard's URL
  3. On a new page, add a data view, and select your new microflow as its source
  4. Inside that dataview, add the IFrame widget, and set the URL Attribute property to the URL attribute that you created


Let us know how that goes!


Thanks a lot for your help Eric and Mike! It works just fine!