Data view listening to reference selector

I want a data view to listen to a reference selector. So when i select a value in the reference selector, coupled values are shown in the data view. This is what we have now: And this is how we like it to be:  
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Consider the following domain model:

With this structure, you can define custom attributes for a Material_Category.  Then, when the user selects a particular category for a Material object, you can build a microflow that populates the MaterialCustomAttrs with the appropriate attributes for the selected category.  With this structure, your page would look different.  Instead of a dataview to show custom attributes, you would put a ListView of the MaterialCustomAttrs associated with the Material being edited (ListView should be used because it can be editable).  Also, you'll need an OnChange microflow on your MaterialCustomAttrs to commit any changes.

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You should set up your domain model like this:

Template is where you define how a SubCategory will behave (i.e. what attributes will be visible).  When you change the reference between Product and SubCategoryTemplate, you will need to create a microflow that

  • Checks to see if the Product has a SubCategoryInstance already
  • If not, creates it
  • Copies the values from SubCategoryTemplate to SubCategoryInstance

This microflow will be called OnChange in the Reference Selector for Product_SubCategoryTemplate.



Hey Mike,

I liked your first solution better. But now I don't know what to put in the data view. 

This is what I have now:

Instead of the boolean choices I want text boxes where the boolean equals yes.

So i can specify the information per product.



Im not sure how to adjust my domain model..

This is my domain model now:


This is my microflow now:

The expression from the exclusive split:

I don't know how to continue and/or if this is good.