Redirect to a page without model (context)

Hi, I'm new in Mendix and I'm just trying to figure out how to redirect to another page once I click a button. I have 2 separate pages: - Page A: with grid (data grid with entity 'E') and displaying data - Page B: with data view (with entity 'E'), where user can add new entity to db.   On the Page A I have button "Add new element" which will redirect to the Page B, but error message is displayed: "The selected page expects an object of type 'x' which is not available here. How can I redirect to a page without context? Page A should have no relation (model/context meaning) to Page B. Just two separate pages with 1 button which will redirect from one page to the other.   Thanks for the answer Best Regards Rafal
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Hi Rafal,


Because you have a data view on Page B, this page requires an object. 

What you should do is create a button that calls a Microflow which either gets an object or creates an object from entity E, then use the activity Call Page and provide Page B as page and provide the object from entity E. 


Also I would suggest to look at the sample applications and follow the getting started course.


Good luck.