Updating Mendix environment on Azure

Hi there I tried out the Azure marketplace Mendix package (BYOL) on Microsoft Azure but ran into an issue as an non-linux user. The Mendix environment in that package is 5.18.0 and i want to upgrade it to 6.10.5 I tried to search for a "how-to" but i can't seem to find anything. Does anyone know how to do this (i am a total linux-noob and need a step-by-step explaination ;-))?        
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The BYOL server that you can get in any of our market places doesn't contain any specific version. I think they do come with a 'default project' on it to show the installation locations.

To upgrade the project to a new version you should just de a new deploy of your project. You should upload the .mda to the mxapp/data/model-upload/ folder.  Once you have done that m2ee unpack allows you to extract the platform. In the confirmation message the m2ee tool will already let you know you are missing the needed distribution and will tell you what to do.

The hint the m2ee tool gives it to execute the m2ee download command, this will reach out to the central Mendix server with all distributions and download the same distribution version as your mda file.