Assign data from entity to D3 chart

Hi I am using D3 pie chart in my project with static data. I am integrating the D3 chart manually (i.e. Placing the d3.js file in theme folder of project directory and importing this js file in index.html and using the HtmlSnippet in tha page displaying the piechart by writing the javascript code.). For static data I am able to display the pie chart. But now I want to display with the data from the entity. Please help me to achieve this. I am using modeler version 6.10.5.
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You need to create a widget to be able to use D3 charts. You could take a look at this widget that already use the D3 Gauge.:

Widgets can be extracted when you rename them to .zip so you can then inspect the code. You could may be rewrite it for the specific D3 chart. And if it works please add the widget to the appstore.