App based on non-persistable objects

Hi, We are trying to develop an App based on non-persistable entities, where all the data comes from web services. The problem we have with this approach is that we won’t be able to use all the paging and search functionality from the data grid, so we are trying to recreate the pagination with JavaScript and insert it using the JavaScript snipped widget. However, we have a problem when we try to access a non-persistable object using the Client API. The function we are calling is “” and this uses a xpath value to locate the data from the database, so this does not work for us. Any suggestion on how to get the non-persistable object we sent to the page?
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Hi Leonardo,

Wrap your list view or data grid in a Helper dataview that you feed from a microflow.

Make sure your Helper object is associated with the objects you want to show in the data grid.

Then instead of with xpath use only with path, or use _contextObj.fetch(path, callback)

This is the way to retrieve non-persistant entites by association.


Hope this helps,