Web service timeout - how it works?

Hi! Does anyone know how timeout on WS work? We have web service call, and on this call we setup timeout for 90s. We call to WS, on that WS there is complex logic, queues... and we can get response from couple of seconds to couple of minutes.  So I was thinking that if I setup timeout on WS call for 90s I will get error after 90s and error handler will do other logic. Unfortunetly it doesn't work.  There could be some kind of keep alive ore something that will reset that timeout counter over and over? How to handle this problem to kill that ws call after some time?
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I believe that the web service timeout only works if there is no reply from the web service. 

According to the Mendix: "Can be used to throw an exception when the web service takes too long to respond after connecting."

So when you receive some sort of respond message (keep alive) in the mean time, it will not work.

Can you trace the web service node to see what happens?

Perhaps the otherside can remove the keep alive messages?