App suddenly incompatible with hundreds of devices uploaded using phone gap and google play store

hi   about 20 days ago we succesfully uploaded our first app onto the google play store, no dramas. We took it down as it was a test piece and wanted to retry launching it with just alpha testers.    yesterday we started a new app on the developer console and went through all the steps again creating a new zip file from mendix developer (page looks different) loading it to phonegap assigning the key we used previously and then uploading the APK to google developer console. Went through all the same steps and released as alpha for testers. and its gone from  Supported devices:9594Unsupported devices:3663Excluded devices:0Manage devices 1 APK version code: 32 to Supported devices:243Unsupported devices:13014Excluded devices:0Manage devices 1 APK version code: 94   There mightve been minor updates to the app but nothing significant.   any ideas? could it be down to any changes mendix have made? i noticed they changed the folder structure of the zip you download from developer console?   THanks Christina
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Hi Christina, 

There have been recent changes to the cloud portal that include more settings to create your phonegap application. The phonegap application is configured using a config.xml file, which is located at the root of the package. 

In the config.xml you will find the following entry. Delete this element, and update the config.xml in your package.

<preference name="buildArchitecture" value="" />

Now when you download the new apk from PGB, you will find out that you're downloading a release for an ARM CPU instead of x86. For more information about this issue check out the Crosswalk plugin for Android section.

Please let me know if this fixes your issue.




Did you see this post: with the answer of Paul Ketelaars?

Check your config.xml if you are using the cordova-build-architecture plugin.