XML Schema - ref tag not supported in export mappings

I have an XSD file that is generating a warning when I try to create an XML schema in the Modeler.  The error message is as follows: Type of element 'http://www.---------.com/data/imports/invoice:Tariff': This 'Choice' element is not supported in export mappings. The XSD file looks like this: Note the inv namespace highlighted. Looking at the Tariff element, if I exclude the ref elements highlighted below, I don't get the error message in the modeler: These ref elements point to other parts of the the same XSD file. Has anyone encountered this before?  Any pointers about how to work around this? Thanks! Mike
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If your choice elements are sequence elements Mendix does not support these as not the complete xsd standard is supported.

See https://docs.mendix.com/refguide7/xml-schema-support for supported elements.

If both choices are needed then it could be an option to create multiple xsd's/export schema's to allow for the different options and determine  in the microflow logic which export mapping to use.


Joshua and Erwin,

Thanks for your input!

I discovered the error message comes from the following XSD structure:

Eliminating the highlighted maxOccurs eliminates the warning I received in the Modeler when I imported this XSD file.

I thought this might be of use to someone else in the community.