Empty response in SOAP request?

Hi guys, So I have two SOAP requests, The first one is used to get an ID, which gets stored and used in the second call. The second call now does not return an error, but it does give me an empty response for some reason. I've tried it in a chrome extension called Boomerang, which worked, and by which I know that the response should not be empty. I'm doing the exact same thing as in the first call. In the debug window I can see that the ID-retrieval works perfectly. Where might it be going wrong? Edit: If I use the following body in Boomerang, I get the desired results: <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:oper="http://www.creditsafe.com/globaldata/operations"> <soapenv:Header/> <soapenv:Body> <oper:RetrieveCompanyOnlineReport> <oper:companyId>{ExampleValue}</oper:companyId> <oper:reportType>Full</oper:reportType> <oper:language>NL</oper:language> </oper:RetrieveCompanyOnlineReport> </soapenv:Body> </soapenv:Envelope> Edit: In the Mendix body I put the following: <oper:RetrieveCompanyOnlineReport xmlns:oper="http://www.creditsafe.com/globaldata/operations"> <oper:companyId>{1}</oper:companyId> <oper:reportType>Full</oper:reportType> <oper:language>NL</oper:language> </oper:RetrieveCompanyOnlineReport> Which does not return an error, but it leaves me with an empty response variable. I am 100% sure it should contain a value, since I checked this in Boomerang.  Edit: The relevant part of the response looks like this: <q1:CreditScore> <q1:CurrentCreditRating> <q1:CommonValue>C</q1:CommonValue> <q1:CommonDescription>Gemiddeld risico</q1:CommonDescription> <q1:CreditLimit>1000</q1:CreditLimit> <q1:ProviderValue MaxValue="100" MinValue="0">41</q1:ProviderValue> <q1:ProviderDescription>kredietwaardig</q1:ProviderDescription> </q1:CurrentCreditRating> I need to get the ProviderValue. Which I import like this. After this it is stored inside another entity, but it keeps returning "null" while it should be "41".  
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When you run Mendix locally: turn up logging level WebService to Trace it will log the request and response. Or you can add in the microflow callling the webservice the microflow action "export with mapping" and store the result in a entity (inherted from file document). And use this object for download.


After question update:

Put in the custom request template for body this section:      


Add in the parameters section the variable for companyId (e.g. $ExampleValue). The index will match with {#}



Can you try the following:


<oper:RetrieveCompanyOnlineReport xmlns:oper="http://www.creditsafe.com/globaldata/operations">